Moving Spirit is on the Move!

As of December31, 2013, we closed the doors to Moving Spirit, our home for 25+ years.  We, as a staff and community are embarking on a new journey, as we transition to new locations.  The decision to close was not easy, yet we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Our mission always has been to create a safe home where our students can grow, explore yoga and movement and discover new options to enhance their overall health and well being.  We will continue to serve and support our community as we move forward to our new locations.

We will maintain and use our Moving Spirit name and both web sites:

Moving Spirit     Creative Kids Yoga

as well as our email addresses: and . Any questions or concerns, you will be able to continue to contact us.  Please note that the telephone number has changed.  The new number is:   603-315-9231

The Moving Spirit Staff has moved to two Studios: Open Space Yoga - 19 Factory Street, Nashua, NH  and NiaNH and Yoga – Rte. 101A, Amherst, NH.    We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate this new chapter in the life of Moving Spirit.  Please click on the Instructors link or at the top of the page to learn more about where each staff member has relocated.  Also check out our contact page which has maps, directions and contact info for each of the new studios.
Rosemary and staff

Moving Spirit Provides a Supportive Place where you can…

Strengthen your Body

by toning muscles, releasing chronic tension, and improving flexibility.

Stretch Your Mind

through learning to calm restless thoughts, cultivate concentration, support mental clarity and confidence.


Refresh Your Spirit

by encouraging self-acceptance, honoring inner wisdom, and inviting deep peace.


  • Kripalu Yoga
  • Creative Dance and Yoga
  • Parent and Toddler Moving Together
  • Teen Yoga
  • Creative Kids Yoga Storytime
  • Creative Kids Yoga Classes
  • Creative Kids Yoga Special Needs

Bodywork Therapies

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • Kripalu Massage
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork
  • Reiki
  • Individual Yoga Sessions

New To Moving Spirit?

What is special about practicing yoga at Moving Spirit?
Practicing yoga in a class at Moving Spirit provides community in which to learn engaging new information, and personal instruction to assist with correct posture/alignment.  Our Instructors are here to work with you to develop your yoga practice. Each teacher has a unique approach and style – we recommend attending different classes to find the best fit for you.
What to expect in a Kripalu Yoga class
When can I start?
What do I wear?
What do I bring?

Moving Spirit Gallery

What Our Students Say

“Before coming to Moving Spirit, I had done yoga in other settings and it was never exactly what I expected. It always felt stiff and awkward. But here I’ve learned that yoga is much more dynamic with constant adjustments in poses. I now look forward to yoga every week and am glad I stuck with it long enough to learn a better way!”
Sarah, Yoga Student
“Thank you for creating such wonderful summer yoga camps for kids. My 7-year-old and 11-year-old have had a blast! They thrived on your blend of art, games, dress-up, storytelling, journaling, and of course yoga…all infused with joy. They look forward to each day because, in their words, “Yoga camp is super-duper fun!”
Deborah, Mother of Summer Camp Students
“I have gained strength, better posture and retained flexibility.  The classes are so relaxing, and the instructors are always ready to make adaptations for me.”
Sue W
“I totally enjoy the teachers making adjustments/ corrections. Although I do some yoga at home, I generally push further and longer in class. I like that this is a dedicated yoga studio vs. a gym. Props are great.”
Bonnie McD
“I am more connected to my body. I have learned to adjust my practice to suit what is right for me and have integrated yoga into my life, because it helps me stay centered and balanced”
Sarah K.
“Yoga at Moving Spirit has helped me to feel stronger and more confident with my balance and more energetic and peaceful from within.  I love being a part of a yoga community.  Each instructor approaches teaching the yoga postures differently.  This keeps yoga fresh and inspiring for me.”
Kathy M.